Our Background

Daisy Days Investment Ltd was formed in February 19, 2010.
Daisy Days Investments Ltd was formed as a long term investment on lifeline safety gadgets and services provider in all classes of life protection.
It's set up is intended to provide satisfactory services all our stemmed corporate business partners as key exemplary excel in the market. It has no boundaries as it has very able staff with knowledge to assess and make proactive approach with the consultation of the relevant clients of given assignment.
Quality management system policy guides have been put in place to address legality with the nature of the activity and government statutory requirements correctly followed. Harm to man being the worse scenario of company or individual loss, it’s ideal for proactive management by proper use of PPE.
Daisy Days Investment limited is a Company that trains and supplies Safety Protective equipments.
We are a Private Limited Company specializing in importation and distribution of high quality Personal Protective Equipment, all from internationally recognized, respectable manufacturers and suppliers. The company offers a complete range of customer services and our mission is to add value to our business partners to overcome competitive market challenges and in turn gain favorable returns. We pride in offering a long term partnership with our customers in order to meet their needs.
As Daisy Days Investment Limited, we consider ourselves more as partners of service than a supplier of a product, thus have a strong consideration about the performance of our product offering, Timely delivery and Competitive sourcing of our products.
We understand that safety of employees at workplace is the responsibility of the employer and we are proud to be partners in enhancing this value.
Due to this vision, we are pleased to offer our goods and services tailored to meet with our client needs and wants.

Our Principles

To proactively provide long term unmatched quality goods and services to our business partners to strive for excellence.
Our mission is to add value to our business partners to overcome competitive market challenges and in turn benefit its returns.
Since the world over, mankind admires on prolonged and secure life we have emerged into the market of life, facility and environment protection participation.
Our participation to protection is by making observation to mankind activities’ safety concern and there to provide knowledge, equipment and material for positive results.
• Leadership and Commitment.
• Organization, Responsibility, Resources, Standards, and Documentation.
• Planning and Procedures
• Health Safety & Environment(HSE) and Supplementary Items management
• Implementation and Performance Monitoring
• Systems Audit, Review, Recommendation and Implementation
• Communication
• Accountability
• Performance Audits
• Teamwork
Our corporate vision is to be the global service and material provider to our stakeholders, share holders, business partners and the general public.
We are committed to locating superior value for our shareholders, customers, and the country in which we operate.
• Safety policy
• Health policy
• Environment policy
• Antitrust policy
• Ethics policy
• Conflicts of interest policy
• Corporate assets policy
• International operations policy
• Gift and entertainment policy
• Product safety policy
• Customer relations and product quality policy
• Alcohol and drug use policy